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Simon Pudsey

Sorry for the delay but I cant "post" on this from the iPhone. I can enter the text but then the post button just wont work - it'll be an apple incompatibility thing but it doesn't matter.

I can see why you might be a bit confused by me thinking Jay's wife is on the list. I kind of thought she was on it "by default". This allows her to put herself in the right position to be killed (at the cottage, at the right time, with the right person (Jay)). She can then become the "hunchback", allowing Jay to fulfil his role in front of the rest of the group and become "king".

So, so much to infer... I think the view might have to work too hard for this one.

Rev Stan

Jay's wife was on the Kill List? Must have missed that bit. The suicide pact sort of makes sense but I'm not really buying it.
And yes. Kiev is a mystery.

Simon Pudsey

well... stop me when this falls apart, but, in my opinion those on the kill list had all put themselves on it as part of the suicide cult of which they (and Jay) were members. Their thanks is because this takes them out of their personal self hatred (in the case of the Librarian this is his pornographic habits and in the case of Jay's wife this is her marriage to Jay). I'm still not sure about Kiev though.

Rev Stan

The biggest thing that is bugging me is why Jay's victims thanked him when he was about to kill them.

Simon Pudsey

I'll completely agree with the WTF? shift from thriller to horror. It was a truly odd moment. I would also agree that it was hard to fathom. The lack of explanation was a topic that vexed both Josh and I in the car on the way back from B'ham. We were both quite desperate to know what exactly did happen in Kiev. However I did manage to extract a story from the disparate bits and pieces but I'm left struggling with the death of Gal. In essence the key line for me was the one delivered by "The Librarian" who grabbed Jay whilst Gal was off upstairs and said "He doesn't know who you are does he?". From this point we can be fairly sure that Jay is complicit in the activities of the cult - hence his survival in the tunnels. Unfortunately you have to work way too hard to get the rest of the story pieced together and I think that is quite a detraction from a piece of art. If you want an answer for a particular bit then let me know - I think I worked most of it out however this film is a bit like a Haruki Murakami novel; intensely artistic but not necessarily easy to enjoy.

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