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Rev Stan

You are the only person who reads my blog Simon thanks for the comment.
All fair points. I'd never want a film to be just like another but there was a feel to Super 8 that reminded me of ET and Goonies.
I haven't seen Attack the Block so I'll have to take your word for it (please do rave publicly - always good to have a recommendation).
Funny how you were bothered by the use of lens flare because I didn't notice it particularly.
Off to see the chimps today - if James Franco wasn't in it I wouldn't bother but he tends to make good film choices. Hope he doesn't let me down.

Simon Pudsey

No comments? Here let me start the ball rolling. Just back from viewing this movie. I was immediately drawn to compare it with "Cloverfield" which I happen to believe to be the worst ever monster movie of all time. This was thankfully dispelled by the simply wonderful young cast who kept you interested in the story right the way through.
Lets be clear as well: There is a very good story and the film-making relies on real acting.I felt this to be a wonderful allusion to the "film" which was being made within the story being told (Charles being obsessed with the "depth" to his film).
However I do have a "but" or two. I couldnt help myself in drawing parallels to Joe Cornish's "Attack the Block", which I raved about some months back (not publicly). That film felt more fresh,vibrant and "real" than Super 8.
My other "but" is the Goonies/ET thing which more than one reviewer has mentioned. I disagree.
ET had way more pathos,a creature you could "love" and a better allegorical thread. I will not dispute that there is an allegorical tale being woven in Super8, but I would refer you back to "Attack the Block" for a stronger redemptive storyline that doesnt descend into a rather mawkish cliche.
The Goonies? Well I'll grant some similarities but Super 8 lacked the innocent wit of that film.
One other thing... "lens flare" :/ somewhat overused in this case.
All told a well made film with a good story but not a classic for me.

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